Business creation and domiciliation in Geneva

Originally, Anca Fiduciaire SA was created to provide its customers with “shell corporations” for sheltering assets and / or businesses from individuals concerned about protecting their property.

    Anca Fiduciaire SA, your patner to Business creation

    To solve the thorniest problems of inheritance, for foreign clients, the foundation of Liechtenstein offers an interesting alternative and effective way to identify beneficiaries, in accordance with the legal reserves of legitimate heirs.

    The joint stock company under Swiss law (“Société Anonyme”) allows customers to benefit from an attractive legal framework, scalable and transferable, and in a stable political and economic environment.

    The limited liability company (LLC) is generally the preferred form for young entrepreneurs or individuals who desire to start a business under a legal form. Fiscally, the S.à.r.l. is treated as a public limited company and compared to a Joint Stock Company (S.A) is simpler and has certain advantages.

    Domiciliation d’entreprise à Genève
    Domiciliation d’entreprise à Genève

    For commercial operations carried out abroad and management companies which only administrate participations investment, the tax authorities can grant, after examining each individual case, a particular tax status to companies that request it.

    The recent tax legislation of the Geneva Canton is very attractive in this area.

    We look forward to discussing with you about these possibilities, eager to advise you in this area and prepare the necessary applications.

    Pour plus de renseignements sur la création et la domiciliation d’entreprises, n’hésitez pas à contacter la société Anca Fiduciaire SA au +41.22.738.68.48.