Anca Fiduciaire SA, the 1st class partner for your AML Audit in Geneva

As a trust company in Geneva since 1986, we support you in the review of the Money Laundering Act recognized by SRO-G and ARIF.

    Revision of the AML Act

    Over the years more and more financial intermediaries have trusted us for review under the Act on Money Laundering (AML), which led us to be recognized by the main self-regulatory organizations (SROs) that are:

    Ainsi que les organismes de surveillance selon OEFIN :

    Audit révision LBA à Genève
    Audit révision LBA à Genève

    What is the LBA Law?

    We are a well-known trust company made up of highly qualified and certified chartered public accountants and auditing experts.

    Our primary objective is to provide personalized service to:

    Collection of all information necessary to meet LBA compliance requirements
    Outsourcing of AML compliance
    Diagnosis and assessment of AML risk.
    Working not far from the communes of Vernier, Grand-Saconnex and Pregny-Chambésy, we have consolidated our knowledge-since the creation of the Office on Money Laundering in the Financial Sector to offer our employees the necessary assistance in the fields of asset management, brokerage activity, wealth management, etc

      Pour plus de renseignements sur la révision LBA, n’hésitez pas à contacter la société Anca Fiduciaire SA au +41.22.738.68.48.